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We process your data in accordance with Swiss Data Protection Act and the European GDPR. Our privacy policy can be accessed here.



As a member of the Vaud Bar Association and the Swiss Bar Association, Anthony Braham is bound by the rules, regulations and discipline of these bodies, as well as the rules of professional conduct for Barristers contained in the Swiss Code of Ethics, and Practices of the Vaud Bar association (UBV).

Among the ethical rules are those of professional secrecy and the independence of the lawyer.
Professional secrecy is defined by Article 4 of the Swiss Code of Ethics (Code suisse de déontologie, CSD).

"The lawyer is bound by professional secrecy, with regard to anyone and without limit of time, for all the information and knowledge he acquired in business which are entrusted to him by his clients in the exercise of his profession. (...) Even if the lawyer has been released from secrecy, he or she cannot be obliged to reveal a secret. He or she requires identical secrecy standards from his employees and consultants."

Professional secrecy is also guaranteed by art. 13 of the Federal Law on the Free Movement of Lawyers (LLCA). Its violation is sanctioned specifically by art. 321 of the Swiss Criminal Code.


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