We communicate with you in plain English

Translating Swiss legal concepts from French or German can be challengingWe do our best to make Swiss law understandable. Our advice aims to be comprehensive and concise, so that all you need to do is make the right business or personal decisions.


Here's an example that is technically accurate but difficult to understand:

"In rental law, the principle that a lease agreement on real estate is generally
transferred to the purchaser of the leased property in the event of a sale of the property applies."

In plain English, this becomes:

"If you buy a property with a sitting tenant, his or her lease
agreement will be transferred to you, the buyer, by law."

We also use simple language in our work product. In a contract, a clause is more likely to complied with if the parties understand it and don't need to call a lawyer whenever they read it. We do the research, analysis and drafting up front - you get the finished work product.

We are familiar with the local courts and authorities


In Switzerland, it helps if you understand local practices and rules. While most substantive law is Federal, and procedural rules have been progressively standardized, they often leave room for different practices in the Cantons. Cantons and Communes also have the power to legislate on certain specific subjects. Our local knowledge will help you make a compelling argument before the Court or authority that you are facing.

We give you the high level of service that you expect

We are responsive and available when you need us. We act quickly and can work effectively within short deadlines.

If a matter requires the help of another professional - a technical expert, a Public Notary - we will recommend the person or firm best suited for your case, and manage them if required. One-stop shopping makes life easier for you, the client. 

If a matter involves another jurisdiction, we have reliable contacts in reputable law firms on all five continents.

Our rates are competitive and flexible

We usually follow the recommended Bar Association rate of 350 francs per hour. However, we may quote a lower or higher rate depending on the matter, the deadline, your budget, the result, and the time we actually spend.

You control our fees. Before we start work, we will give you an estimate. While we work, we will keep you updated and check with you first before spending time and resources.

We can also agree on flat fees, monthly retainers, or other billing arrangements based on your needs and our availability.

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